Owner-Operator Hai Nguyen

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The Shed Owner-Operator Hai Nguyen pours hot water over a drip bag.

The Shed Owner-Operator Hai Nguyen makes coffee by pouring hot water over a special The Shed Coffee product, the drip bag.

Owner-operator Hai Nguyen is a long-time coffee lover. Hai decided to turn her passion into a business when she and her family immigrated to Prince Edward Island from Vietnam.

Hai immersed herself in the coffee industry to gain the necessary expertise. She was determined — “If I was going to do it, I was going to do it well.”

Hai has spent the last few years turning her vision into a reality. She achieved her q grader certification, added a second cafe location, and launched exciting new products to refresh and energize coffee lovers on PEI and beyond (check out the new products at koolbrewcoffee.com!).

Hai’s dedication to raising the bar for specialty coffee and supporting her community was recognized in 2023 with a Faces of Fusion Award. The story of her vision and hard work has been featured in Go Solo and the CBC.