Our Beans

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Three bags of The Shed Coffee's freshly roasted coffee stand together on a counter at a coffee bar. The bags are bag with labels on the front describing each coffee bean's variety, tasting notes, and origin. The labels feature the logo of The Shed Coffee.

Our freshly roasted coffee beans at our Charlottetown Library Learning Centre location

So, what happens before the brew? 

Careful sourcing and fresh roasting are our secrets to giving you the best coffee experience.

How We Source Our Green Beans

First, we carefully source our green beans from plantations and smallholder farms in Africa, South America, and Asia. Our partners have ethical labour practices and forward-thinking eco practices.

You can learn more about the interesting and meaningful stories behind our currently offered beans at our shop. 

How We Roast Our Specialty Coffee

After we source the green beans, the roasting begins! In our coffee roastery on beautiful PEI, we roast the green beans with care to unlock the best of their unique and authentic flavours.

We care deeply about getting the flavours right, which is why our Owner-Operator Hai Nguyen did her certification to become a q grader. A q grader is an internationally-recognized expert in all things specialty coffee. 

There is no more border between the coffee beans and coffee lovers – make your next homebrew perfect with one of our carefully selected, beautifully roasted beans!