We believe Specialty Coffee is difficult, complicated but extremely interesting. Amazing coffee is just part of who we are



Origin: Colombia Ciro Valencia Vargas
Region: San Augustin, Huila
Farm: Finca El Roble
Faermer: Ciro Valencia Vargas
Variety: Caturra & Castillo (50/50)
Altitude: 1800m
Process: 24 hours fermentation in tanks (without water) then washed in channels and dried on patios for 11 -14 days
Cup Notes: Lemon, Sweet, Caramel, Dark chocolate, Red cherry
Brew method: HAND BREW

The beautiful lemon ginger bright acidity, which highlighted by caramel sweet really made our day! It provides a harmonious balance juice like cup, and represented truly what is a cup of excellent specialty coffee would taste like.

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