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Secret to a juicy cup of coffee

There is no secret to a juicy cup of coffee. All you need to do is to have good beans, good understanding of the beans’ characteristics. And finally a bit effort to understand how different essential elements affect the balance of good flavor and the pleasant strength of your coffee. Below is the crucial things:

  1. Coffee-to-water ratio
  2. Grinding setting
  3. Brewing time
  4. Water temperature
  5. Brewing turbulence
  6. Water quality
  7. Filter media

Now it becomes too complicated! Not at all again if you can tell us what are usually your taste preferences. Accordingly we can show you how to choose for example your beloved filter media such as metal, cloth or paper to successfully transform the good roasted beans into a good-tasting cup of coffee. Let’s visit our cozy and comfortable Shed having lighthearted sharing and showcase from our team. Your high will be higher when you can really brew your own signature coffee while having some new coffee mates in our corner.

To be continued.

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